Who are your clients? Can you keep my accounts?

We work with a great variety of trades and professions, mainly with companies that employ 20 staff or fewer. We provide accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll services for numerous companies as diverse as delilvery drivers, vets, artists, window fitters and publishers. Some are sole traders, some partnerships, others are limited companies.


Some of our clients are large companies with turnovers of about £10-12 million, however a lot of our clients are small enterprises that fall into the 'micro-entity' category. Every client is respected and given superb service.


Excellent services, fair price

We provide you with a truly excellent service, at a fair price. If you struggle with your accounts, it can be such a relief to know that a good, friendly company is taking care of everything for you.


We will keep a close eye on your debtors and creditors - to give you the best chance of gettting your money as soon as possible, as well as taking advantage of any available discounts from suppliers.


At the end of the year we will complete your final accounts; Watson Palmer prepares and files the final accounts for Partnerships and Limited Companies, and that cost is already included in the fee that we agree before we start work.

The first 2 hours are free to new clients. Call 01473 631341

We can meet you whenever you have time, and wherever is convenient - our office, your work place, your home, or wherever you happen to be working that day. We are not restricted to the usual 9-5 and weekdays only, because we know that many businesses do not find those times convenient.

How will I benefit?

Having us look after your accounts means that you will not pay too much tax, and also your returns will always be on time.


Apart from that 

  • You will know what you can afford, and when you can pay for it
  • You will always have the figures you need right there, at your fingertips
  • You will get a loan much more easily if your accounts are in good shape