Our fees

Fees vary a great deal depending on how complex your accounts are, how many transactions your company processes, and the extent of the work that you want Watson Palmer to do for you.


We thought, however, that you would like to have a rough idea of our charges before you call us. That is why we have produced the guide figures in the table below.


We will, of course, give you an individual quotation tailored to your exact needs. The first two hours of our time are free of charge for new clients.


We have some clients who pay more than the guide figures, but then we also have other clients who pay less - please talk to us, you will find us friendly and approachable.

Fees are per year + VAT. You can pay by monthly instalments.
Turnover £50k £75k £100k £150K £250k £500k
Sole Trader £400 £520 £640 £700 £1060 £1120
Partnership £500 £600 £700 £850 £1150 £1450
Limited Company £500 £600 £700 £850 £1150 £1450
Corporation Tax return £120  £150  £150  £180  £180 £210
VAT returns standard £180 £180 £180 £240 £300 £420
VAT returns flat rate £120 £120 £180 £180 - -
Payroll £10/month minimum, £20/month for up to 4 people
The cost of finalisation by a qualified accountant would be in addition to the fees shown above.
Fees will be higher if you trade regularly in foreign currencies.
VAT at the current standard rate must be added to the figures.

The actual figure may either higher or lower, depending upon the number of transactions that the business generates in a year.


Every client has their own individual needs, and we will provide you with a quotation based upon your precise requirements.

What is included in the costs shown?


Our fees cover everything included in the list below, except for the cost of preparing and submitting your VAT return. We have deliberately shown that separately, because many small businesses are not registered for VAT so they would not require the service.

  • Sorting out and filing all of your receipt and invoices
  • Resolving incomplete accounts, such as where cheque stubs are not filled in - or maybe calculating what stock levels had been before a flood or fire
  • Providing you with regular updates, so that you always know where you are financially
  • Helping you to get your money in on time, and looking at the advantages of getting discounts for early payment of your bills
  • Reconciling your accounts against your bank and credit card statements
  • Preparing final accounts at the year end.
  • Providing helpful management reports at agreed intervals
  • Submitting your personal tax return, your partnership tax returns or your Corporation Tax return.
  • CT returns are iXBRL tagged, as required by HMRC
  • Filing the accounts of a Limited Company at Companies House
  • Unlimited telephone support


Can I pay monthly?

  • You can pay monthly without any interest charges. It often helps to spread the fee out across the trading year


Is VAT included in the figures quoted?

  • No, VAT is not included, and it will be added to the fees shown at the current rate (presently 20%)