Not all bookkeepers are the same!

We suggest that you employ a bookkeeper - the money that you earn by spending the extra time on your business is likely to be more than the bookkeeper's fees!


For most people, the time pressure, and the scattered receipts and payments, can make doing their own bookkeeping a real pain.


That time could be spent concentrating on your business.


Many men and women running small businesses work so very hard that having to keep their books accurately becomes a stressful chore that they want to get rid of.


If you are not keeping your books in good order, you may be sure that the day will come when you wish that you had!


That's why using Watson Palmer can be so very helpful, releasing valuable time for promoting and running the business.



What The Guardian Small Business Network says about using an accountant or bookkeeper:

"In small businesses, owners often tend towards keeping account functions in-house. It can be quite a dilemma to consider outsourcing this function. Unfortunately a lot of businesses consider only the cost while making this decision and not the benefits. However, there are some highly positive aspects related to outsourcing which must be weighed against the costs."

We work closely with accountants

Bookkeepers and accountants work together. If you are a Partnership or a Limited Coimpany, Watson Palmer will still do the vast majority of the work  on your books, which will keep your costs down, but we will refer you to partner accountants for finalisation of your accounts.


Both accountants and bookkeepers try to keep up to date with changes in legislation and practice, but accountants can provide more complex accounting services and advice.